Titanic Belfast included in the search to find 21 landmarks that define Britain

Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Stonehenge are all seen as classic, iconic landmarks that have defined the skyline of the UK for hundreds of years but British Airways’ in-flight magazine – High Life –  have been asking people to vote for which 21 landmarks that they think define Britain this century.

Readers are invited to submit their nominations for the landmarks and in return, organisers British Airways and The Independent will enter them into a competition to win an overnight stay for two at the prestigious London hotel, Claridge’s.

British Airways passengers have already submitted Belfast’s very own Titanic building to be featured on the list but more people are being encouraged to vote.

High Life editor, Kerry Smith said: “Our skyline is evolving at an unprecedented pace – we want to find out how these traditional architectural pieces resonate with our readers, or if innovative new structures are capturing imagination across the country.”

The list of nominated landmarks will be put to a panel of experts across Britain to determine the final 21.

The chosen landmarks will be published in the August issue of High Life as part of a wider feature.

If you would like to see Titanic Belfast appear on the list, head over to highlife.ba.com/21landmarks for full entry details before voting closes on 15 May 2015.

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